Hans Küng likes Francis reply on infallibility

Swiss theologian Hans Küng says Pope Francis has set no restrictions on a request for a free discussion on the dogma of papal infallibility.

But Fr Küng is refusing to release the text of a letter he said he received from Pope Francis on the subject last month.

The theologian cited the “confidentiality that I owe to the Pope”.

Catholic media outlets The Tablet and the National Catholic Reporter have therefore been unable to verify that the letter exists.

On March 9, Fr Küng had issued what he called an “urgent appeal to Pope Francis to permit an open and impartial discussion on infallibility of Pope and bishops”.

Now the theologian has issued a statement where he expresses his joy at receiving a “personal reply” from Pope Francis.

Fr Küng noted that the Pope had clearly read his infallibility appeal and had made a response himself, which the theologian saw as significant.

Fr Küng said the Pope is highly appreciative of the considerations that were listed in the appeal.

“Pope Francis has set no restrictions [on discussion],” Fr Küng added.

“I think it is now imperative to use this new freedom to push ahead with the clarification of the dogmatic definitions which are a ground for controversy within the Catholic Church and in its relationship to the other Christian churches,” he said.

“I am deeply grateful to Pope Francis for this new freedom and combine my heartfelt thanks with the expectation that the bishops and theologians will unreservedly adopt this new spirit and join in this task in accordance with the scriptures and with our great church tradition.”


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