Bishop-elect celebrates ordination with a inter-faith bike ride

“What a powerful picture… A soon-to-be bishop dressed in a biker suit among 200 other bikers stopping by three evangelical churches for a cup of water and a prayer offered by a pentecostal, an evangelical and a baptist pastor.”

“This is a powerful message of unity by a wise and humble leader. Our prayers are with you.” says Pastor Ray Kinsella, Grace Christian Ministries (GCA) in Saipan.

Bishop-elect of Chalan Kanoa, Ryan Jimenez, has invited people to celebrate his ordination with a bike ride.

Bike the Faith (BTF) is not a race. It is a faith-raising fundraising journey.

It will raise funds for Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana  Islands (CNMI) Marriage Encounter and the Solomon Islands Catholic Community

Jimenez said BTF  is an inter-faith event “to integrate my advocacy for healthy living for our community along with strengthening our faith.”

The primary beneficiary is the Solomon Islands Catholic Community, “our sister community with great needs to minister to our fellow Catholics there.”

The Marriage Encounter local program will be able to continue to advocate for healthy families with its various programs.

The bike riders will go up Navy Hill to GCA for a prayer with Pastor Ray Kinsella. They then its on to Kristo Rai Church for a prayer.

Then they will ride to Life in the Son Church at Gualo Rai to receive blessings with Pastor Eric Abragan.

After that they head for  Saipan Community Church and Pastor Roger Abe for beachside blessing.

Finally the bikers visit the ordination location at the Mount Carmel Cathedral for the celebration and final blessing by Pale Ryan aka soon-to-be Bishop Ryan.


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