Plan for old rite Anglican missionary to go to Pitcairn Island progresssing


In 2014 CathNews reported an an American clergyman, John Brantley was seeking funding to re-establish an Anglican presence on Pitcairn Island.

Brantley, an Anglican Rite Old Catholic priest, recently reported that “the online campaigns were less than successful” but their congregation based campaign has at present raised nearly $US2000 for mission funding on the island.

Pitcairn is the last place in the Pacific to see a Union Jack flying over British territory. It is fast becoming depopulated, and efforts to get more people to live there have not been successful.

An official report has indicated its 49 mostly  mainly older inhabitants of Pitcairn may have to move to New Zealand, 5500 kilometres away, leaving the 4.6-square-kilometre rock to nature.

But Brantley is persisting with his plan. He says there are four stages for reaching his goal. The first stage of initial fund raising is about to conclude.

In the next few months the next stage will begin. It involves preparing boxes of literature and further fund raising.

Then in 2018  he hopes to send a mission priest to Pitcairn to work and with local people.

Brantley says the priest will not be trying  to be to convert the people. He will build a relationship with the community and relay back to the USA what the population needs.

Finally, if all goes well,  they will work to meet those needs and settle 2 or 3 Anglican families on the island.

Brantley is the vicar at Holyrood in North Carolina. The Holyrood website says it is “a small community of believers based in Princeton, NC who welcome you to worship, fellowship, and study with us as we continue in the faith of our fathers according to the Anglican tradition.”

“Here at Holyrood we currently hold our services in our Vicar’s living room and worship using historic Anglican liturgies from the Book of Common Prayer.”


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