Prayers for world peace from Vatican follow Trump’s win

Prayers for world peace from the Vatican followed President-elect Donald Trump’s win at the polls.

“May we make God’s merciful love ever more evident in our world through dialogue, mutual acceptance and fraternal cooperation,” Pope Francis tweeted from his Pontifex site.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who is the Pope’s Secretary of State, echoed Francis’s prayerful response in a statement to Vatican Radio.

“The Lord illuminates and sustains him in service of his country, naturally, but also in service of the well-being and peace of the world.

“There is need for everyone to work to change the global situation, which is in a situation of severe lacerations and great conflict.”

He also commented that Trump’s election responds to “the will of the American people in this exercise of democracy, which they tell me was characterized by a large turnout.”

Parolin indicated patience will be the order of the day. The Vatican’s next step would be taken slowly, he said, saying we will have to wait to “see how the President moves.”

Trump’s speech immediately following his election offered hope for peace and unification in the United States.

He said the time has come for America “to bind the wounds of division; we have to get together. … I say it is time for us to come together as one united people.”

He has promised to be a president “for all Americans” and laid out a future where by working together, Americans will be able to rebuild their country and renew the American dream.


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