Ireland’s peace process shouldn’t be taken for granted

Ireland’s peace process shouldn’t be taken for granted, church leaders say.

Ireland’s Catholic, Church of Ireland, Methodist and Presbyterian leaders are determined Northern Ireland’s peace process achievements should be protected.

In a joint statement they said not everything in the vision for peace has been achieved yet.

However, they said”the current circumstances provide an opportunity for each one of us to ask ourselves what we are doing to make it a reality and whether we have, perhaps, begun to take the progress of recent years for granted.

“In any process of conflict resolution, we should be prepared to face setbacks and embrace these challenges as an opportunity to continue to learn from our mistakes, while working to put in place the necessary safeguards.”

The statement stressed the need for supporting the country’s elected representatives as they work through the challenges the peace process presents so they can find lasting solutions.

“As Christians, we recognise the importance of supporting those in positions of political leadership through prayer and action,” they said.


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