Saving Lucas Batista – the Fátima miracle

The Vatican says the complete and unexplained recovery of  severely injured Lucas Batista is the miracle needed to canonise Franciso and Jacinta Marto.

They say doctors, some of them non-believers, said Lucas’s recovery could not be explained.

Pope Francis canonised the siblings on Saturday at Fátima.

Lucas was five when he fell 6.5 metres out of a window. By the time he arrivced at hospital he had suffered two heart attacks and was in a deep coma.

Doctors diagnosed a severe traumatic brain injury and a “loss of brain material” from Lucas’s frontal lobe.

They said Lucas had little chance of survival. If he did live, they said he would be severely mentally disabled or even in a vegetative state.

Lucas’s father Joao Baptista and his mother Lucila Yurie, appeared before reporters at the Catholic shrine in Fatima, Portugal, on Friday.

They have never discussed their son’s miraculous cure with the press before.

After being told their son would be unlikely to recover they began to pray to Jesus and Our Lady of Fatima, to whom they said they have “a great devotion”.

They also asked the nuns at the Carmelite convent of Campo Mouro to pray for their boy.

When the nuns got the message, Lucas’s father said one of them “ran to the relics of Blessed Francisco and Jacinta, which were next to the tabernacle.

She also felt the impulse to pray the following prayer: ‘Shepherds, save this child, who is a child like you’…she also persuaded the other sisters to pray to the little shepherds to intercede for him.

“In the same way, all of us, the family, began to pray to the little shepherds, and two days later, on March 9, Lucas woke up and began to speak, even asking for his little sister.”

On the 11th, he left the ICU and was discharged from the hospital a few days later.

“Since that time, Lucas “has been completely well and has no symptoms or after effects.

“He has the same intelligence (as he did before the accident), the same character, everything is the same.”


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