Priest in Indonesia accused of defamation for calling Moslem lawyer stupid

reported to the police

In Indonesia, a German-born Jesuit priest has been reported to police for defamation after calling a Muslim lawyer stupid.

The lawyer, Eggi Sudjana, had said that Christian and other non-Muslim religions should be “dissolved” for having more than one God.

However, Father Magnis-Suseno said there was “great stupidity” in Sudjana’s comments about other faiths.

Magnis-Suseno, an emeritus professor at Driyarkara School of Philosophy in Jakarta, who promotes interreligious dialogue, said he would not retract his comments about Sudjana.

He was speaking to the media on September 18 about a Constitutional Court review of a decree that allows for the banning of radical organisations.

Sudjana had maintained that the decree should not only target militant Muslim groups such as pro-caliphate Hizbut Tahrir, but also religions other than Islam.

Magnis-Suseno is not the only person Eggi has reported to the police. He has also filed defamation complaints against other critics, including a Hindu youth organization that had accused him of blasphemy.

Marsi Edon, from the Catholic Students Association, said banning non-Muslim religions would threaten “disintegration” of national unity.

Liona Nanang, of the Association of Catholic Graduates and Intellectuals of Indonesia, said Catholics believe in one God and did not contradict the national ‘Pancasila’ philosophy.


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