Archbishop Byrnes responds to concerns raised about financial accountability


The Coadjutor Archbishop of Agaña Michael Byrnes says, since his appointment, making the Archdiocese transparent and accountable has been one of his goals.

In that desire for accountability, he is now addressing concerns regarding the Kamalen Karidat (KK) ministries which have been raised by Concerned Catholics of Guam (CCOG).

Established in 1993, KK helps provide food and clothing to the poor and operates a soup kitchen in Agaña.

CCOG had asked Byrnes to shut down the KK programme, citing alleged mismanagement, a lack of accountability and proper documentation.

CCOG President David Sablan told the media that CCOG believes funds were used for personal and other purposes by Archbishop Anthony Apuron, not at all related to KK’s mission of helping the poor.

Byrnes said he appreciated the diligence and concern of the CCOG which communicated its concerns in a formal letter to him last October.

He has instructed the legal counsel of KK to give notice of a board meeting to address these matters.

In the meantime, the services to the poor and homeless will continue but the ministries will be removed from KK and operate under the direct control of the Archdiocese.

Father Mike Crisostomo was appointed to lead KK last May.

Byrne gave an assurance that since his appointment Crisostomo has ensured that KK has practised full diligence and compliance in managing its finances, including properly documenting all contributions.



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