Chinese Christians warned not to speak about persecution

Chinese Christians are being gagged from speaking out about the Chinese government’s efforts to suppress religious freedom.

Crosses are being removed and (news sources say) churches throughout China are being demolished.

The ruling Communist Party has carried out a widespread crackdown on all religious institutions in recent years.

Changes the government initiated last year in Henan province, where authorities sought to suppress the Church by demolishing buildings and removing religious symbols have spread to the neighbouring region of Hebei.

Threatened by Chinese authorities and fearing retaliation, most Catholics are too scared to talk about what is happening to the outside world, causing a blackout of all news on the subject.

A Catholic from Hebei says people fear retaliation from the authorities might cause further demolitions or even lead to clerics being detained.

Such acts of retaliation had scared some pastors into silence, he says.

A priest from Hebei says local Catholics and priests did not dare to release news or photos of the demolition as they fear retaliation by authorities, he says.

“Once relevant photos are released, even though the specific location is not identified, you know that the authorities will investigate and find out the source of the news.”

Tibetan children have been barred from Buddhist religious studies and over a million members of Islamic ethnic minorities have been incarcerated in “re-education centers.”

President Xi Jinping , who is also party leader, has ordered that all religions must “Sinicise” to ensure they are loyal to the officially atheistic party or face the wrath of the Communist regime.


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