Chinese doctor says she participated in ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Uyghur people

A Uyghur woman who worked as a doctor in China has told a British news network that she participated in forced abortions and sterilizations at the behest of the Chinese government.

The woman, who was not identified but was seen from behind on camera, told ITV that she was sharing her story in an effort to atone for her past.

“The clear intention was ethnic cleansing. We were asked to believe this was part of the Communist Party’s population control plan,” she said. “At the time, I thought it was my job.”

At least 1 million Uyghur people are believed to be interned in concentration camps in China’s Xinjiang Province. Human rights groups and international watchdogs have documented a “slow genocide” against the Uyghurs, including forced sterilizations and abortions, as well as forced organ harvesting, political indoctrination, and torture. Read more

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