McCarrick not competent to face sex abuse trial

In a turn of events, Judge Paul McCallum of Dedham decided to dismiss the criminal case against Theodore McCarrick, the former Roman Catholic Cardinal.

The decision comes after allegations arose in which McCarrick was charged with molesting a 16-year-old boy back in 1974.

The surprising twist in the case was based on the argument that McCarrick, now 93, was unfit for trial due to his significantly impaired mental state.

The prosecution pushed for this outcome after psychologist Kerry Nelligan testified that McCarrick is suffering from dementia, impacting his ability to actively remember and participate in his defence.

Detailing her interactions with the former Cardinal, Nelligan mentioned during her testimony, “There were significant deficits in his memory and ability to retain information.” This assertion was further evidenced by McCarrick’s struggles to recall their June conversation consistently.

The once-powerful archbishop of Washington, D.C., McCarrick was notably stripped of his clerical status by Pope Francis in 2019.

This Massachusetts charge in 2021 added another layer to his already controversial legacy, marking him as the only U.S. Catholic cardinal, past or present, to face child sex abuse allegations legally.


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