Community garden faces setback after theft

The community garden near St Andrews church in Featherston has suffered a significant setback as thieves stole all gardening equipment from its shed.

Hana Makin, a lead member of the garden’s management team, remains optimistic about the garden’s role in the community.

“This hasn’t changed the fact that we have this beautiful space and great people who keep it going,” she stated.

Makin encouraged the thieves to return the stolen items, including wheelbarrows, a lawnmower, and gardening tools, no questions asked.

The garden continues to serve as a hub for community bonding and learning. It contributes produce to local food initiatives, fostering a spirit of sharing and resilience in Featherston.

With an open invitation for community involvement and ongoing police investigations, there remains hope that the garden will recover and continue to be a beacon of community spirit and cooperation in Featherston.


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