82-year-old completes wing walk for Catholic youth

An 82-year-old daredevil has completed her second wing walk in seven years to raise money for a local youth organisation of St Francis de Sales Catholic Church. As part of her charitable challenge, she even completed a loop-the-loop.

Teresa Dykes, of Rupert Road in Newbury, completed the thrilling wing walk on a biplane at the RFC Rendcomb Aerodrome in Cirencester on May 7.

The small orange and black plane, which had Mrs Dykes standing on top of it, took off at 1.30 pm and was up for a full 15 minutes before it came back to land.

At that time, she reached a height of 2,000 feet, reached speeds of 150mph, and completed a loop-the-loop and a barrel roll.

Mrs Dykes said: “The trickiest bit is facing into the wind at 150mph.”

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