Vatican offers pilgrimages as key occasion for jubilee indulgence

On Monday, the Vatican issued norms for obtaining the traditional plenary indulgence during the upcoming Jubilee of Hope, emphasising individual and group pilgrimages to holy sites.

Holding the theme, “Pilgrims of Hope,” the jubilee is set to open Dec 24, and will formally close on Jan. 6, the Feast of the Epiphany, in 2026.

In the official Bull of Indiction for the Jubilee of Hope, titled Spes non confundit, or “Hope does not disappoint,” which was presented in St. Peter’s Basilica last week, the pope said the plenary indulgence has “an even more important meaning” in the context of a world facing brutality and violence.

The full remission of the temporal consequences of a person’s sins after they have been absolved, indulgences are a special feature of jubilee years, and are a way, according to the Vatican, of “discovering the unlimited nature of God’s mercy.”

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