Brian Tamaki’s Destiny Church notice with ‘Time To Kill’ tagline ‘extremely concerning’

A person from the rainbow community is calling out ads for a Brian Tamaki Destiny Church event showing a boy carrying a severed head – an apparent reference to David and Goliath – and bearing the tagline “Time to kill”.

Members of Tamaki’s Destiny Church have recently been charged for destroying rainbow crossings in Gisborne and Auckland, and were responsible for a series of drag events being cancelled around the country.

The image of the child and the head are part of promotion for an event last night in New Plymouth.

The next event is to be held in Whanganui on Tuesday evening.

Promotional material on social media for the events uses phrases like “Time to kill”, “It’s time to gather heads” and “I want a head (trophy) on my mantlepiece (sic)!”

But Tamaki said the imagery was used figuratively and the phrase “Time to kill” was from the Bible. Read more

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