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‘Big Tech’ censorship of religion is real and deserves an effective response, critics say

Thursday, September 2nd, 2021
censorship of religion

The power of major internet companies like Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, and Twitter over public life is a particular threat to religious groups that focus on controversial issues like abortion, marriage, and sexuality, several commentators said at a roundtable last week. These groups should prepare for the possibility of censorship and organize effective countermeasures, they said. Read more

Archbishop of Canterbury expresses forthright views

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, will step down later this year. He is described as “Britain’s foremost theologian” in an article by Toby Helm and Julian Coman in the Guardian. “In an incendiary book”, called Faith in the Public Square, the Archbishop is forthright in his views about such topics as the Big Society: “‘Big Read more