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South Auckland churches aid Tonga after Gita Comments 0

Monday, February 26th, 2018
Churches send relief to Tonga to recover from Gita

South Auckland churches hopes to send eight shipping containers’ worth of aid to help Tonga cope with the devastation of cyclone Gita. Cyclone Gita’s destruction prompted the Lotofale’ia church in Māngere to co-ordinate relief efforts for Tonga for a third time. Organiser, Sefita Haouli, says the congregation aims to send $60,000 worth of perishable goods. Read more

New Plymouth family return to Tonga to help rebuild after Gita Comments 0

Monday, February 19th, 2018
Cyclone Gita rebuild

Veni Uhila watched television in New Plymouth and saw cyclone Gita destroy his Tonga home. The builder had a sleepless night. But he realised how bad things were in Tonga only when he got hold of his policeman cousin the next day. So now Uhila and his sons Taani, 22, and Siaosi, 10, are pausing Read more