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Acart formulating guidelines for the import and export of human eggs or sperm and embryos

Friday, June 7th, 2013

The Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology (Acart), has been seeking public opinion on its “Background Paper for stakeholder discussion on the Import and Export of Gametes and Embryos”. Submissions closed on 31 May. The committee is the first of a two stage approach to talking with stakeholders about the issues. In this first stage they have presented arguments about six Read more

What sort of message does legalising of euthanasia give elderly?

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

We have to carefully consider the sort of message the legalising of euthanasia would give to those who are elderly, ill or disabled and the message it would send to the rest of society about a person’s worth says the Director of The Nathaniel Centre, the NZ Catholic Bioethics Centre, Mr John Kleinsman. In a study Read more

Any euthanasia law would be open to abuse

Friday, July 27th, 2012

“The legalising of euthanasia would open up new pathways of abuse for many elderly and otherwise vulnerable people,” says Director of The Nathaniel Centre and bioethics researcher John Kleinsman. His comments were made in response to MP Maryan Street’s  End of Life Choice Bill being put into the Ballot. Ms Street has publicly admitted her Read more

Care pathway not euthanasia of elderly

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

A report on Professor Patrick Pullicino’s comments about The Liverpool Care Pathway which was published  the The Daily Mail was based on sweeping generalisations and lacked accuracy says John Kleinsman, Director of The Nathaniel Centre – the New Zealand Catholic Bioethics Centre. Pullicino was reported as saying doctors had turned the use of the Liverpool Care Pathway Read more

Legal euthanasia kills justice for all

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

As the spokesperson of a Catholic bioethics centre, there are some who discount my message because of my religious affiliation, rather than on the basis of its merits. It’s a classic case of “playing the man instead of the ball”. As two commentators noted in response to comments I recently made about the dangers of Read more

Strong public support for euthanasia

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

The MP campaigning for the right to die has been buoyed by a poll that shows more than 85 per cent of respondents to a survey supported voluntary euthanasia. The Sunday Star-Times reader poll of more than 1000 people also found almost three-quarters of people would help a terminally-ill loved one commit suicide, and that Read more

Premature to talk about legalising euthanasia

Friday, April 27th, 2012

While we support discussion about Euthanasia and what it means to die well, it is actually premature to talk about legalising euthanasia while New Zealander’s lack equitable access to palliative care. In the absence of this choice, death by assisted suicide or euthanasia is an illusory choice – it can never be voluntary in a Read more

Afterbirth abortion – the killing of the new born – should be permitted

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

A recently published article argues that since abortion is largely accepted even for reasons that do not have anything to do with the fetus’ health, after-birth abortion’ (killing a newborn) should be permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including cases where the newborn is not disabled because: 1. Both fetuses and newborns do Read more

No case for euthanasia

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

The recent conviction of Sean Davison has revived the euthanasia debate.  In an article in the New Zealand Herald, John Kleinsman argues that there is no case for killing society’s most vulnerable members.   He argues that “the ‘right to die’ could become a ‘duty’ to die”. Read John Kleinsman’s article Image: John Kleinsman Read more

Prenatal testing must respect the rights of the unborn

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

“Prenatal testing must respect the right to life of the unborn child. At the same time we have to consider the pressure parents are under” says Mr Kleinsman. In 2008 the Bioethics Council (now disbanded) carried out extensive consultation with New Zealanders on the question of prenatal testing. Among the findings released in its report to Read more