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Teschemakers altar case appealed to High Court

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

The future of the elaborate Italian marble altar in Teschemakers Chapel is now heading to the High Court.

Father Mark Chamberlain, of Dunedin North Holy Name parish, late last week lodged an appeal with the High Court against a decision by the Environment Court ruling the altar was “part and parcel of the chapel” and could not be removed without resource consent from the Waitaki District Council.

Fr Chamberlain confirmed to the Otago Daily Times yesterday the High Court appeal on points of law had been lodged, which “absolutely shocked” Oamaru woman Susie Scott who had opposed its removal.

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Teschemakers altar must stay put

Friday, October 21st, 2011

A decision released this week by the Environment Court has determined the Italian marble altar ” to be part and parcel of the chapel”at the former Teschemakers Catholic girls’ boarding school near Oamaru. and it cannot be removed without resource consent.

The issue arose last year when it was revealed the altar was to be dismantled and moved to Holy Name Church in Dunedin after it was given to the parish by the Dominican Sisters, who owned the Teschemakers chapel contents.

While those who supported the Teschemakers altar’s retention in the chapel were delighted with the court’s ruling, Fr Chamberlain was disappointed with the decision.

He could not say whether he would lodge an appeal or apply for resource consent.

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