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The self is moral

Friday, November 21st, 2014

One morning after her accident, a woman I’ll call Kate awoke in a daze. She looked at the man next to her in bed. He resembled her husband, with the same coppery beard and freckles dusted across his shoulders. But this man was definitely not her husband. Panicked, she packed a small bag and headed to Read more

Italy’s singing nun covers Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Italy’s singing nun, Sr Cristina Scuccia, has chosen Madonna’s controversial hit “Like a Virgin” as the first single in her debut album. Earlier this year, Sr Cristina achieved worldwide fame when she won Italy’s version of The Voice. Sister Cristina, 26, says her version of Madonna’s pop song is a “testimony of God’s capacity to turn Read more

Should blasphemy offence be removed from Irish Constitution?

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Ireland’s legislators have been urged to exercise caution in preparing changes to the nation’s Constitution dealing with blasphemy as an offence. A Constitutional Convention has recommended removing the blasphemy provision, following overwhelming support for this in submissions. But a date for a referendum has yet to be decided. The Church of Ireland’s David Pierpont, Archdeacon Read more

1000 cheats sign up for ‘marriage saving’ site

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

More than 1000 cheating Northlanders have signed up to a dating website designed especially for married or attached people. The operators of European-based Victoria Milan claims it has 15,000 Kiwi members and 1020 registered as being from Northland. The founder, Norwegian Sigurd Vedal, claimed the cheater’s portal did not ruin marriages, but saved them. Continue Read more

Tolerance — a moral virtue

Friday, September 19th, 2014

We hear a lot about tolerance these days. Tolerance is a moral virtue best placed within the moral domain – but unfortunately it is often confounded with prejudice. Much of the psychological research about tolerance generally and about the development of children’s understanding of tolerance of others who are different from them has been examined Read more

Sex, drugs, and Catholic colleges in the US

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

You’ve probably heard the stereotype: Catholic colleges are in denial about their students’ sexual lives and alcohol use. Indeed, it’s true that many Catholic universities traditionally ended the conversations on sex and underage drinking with a simple, “just say no!” And yet, students attending Catholic colleges do not differ from students at other colleges, with Read more

Parliamentary committee recommends broader sex education programme

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Parliament’s health select committee has recommended that sex education in schools should include more than a narrow focus on the physical mechanics of sex and reproduction. A Herald-DigiPoll survey shows the there is support for this recommendation. Three-quarters believed that high-school pupils needed to be taught more than the mechanics of sex. The Prime Minister, Read more

From sci-fi to fact and its moral implications

Friday, February 28th, 2014

3D-printed organs – quick explanation: this essentially entails filling an old inkjet printer with human tissue, which then gets ‘printed’, layer by layer, to form a 3D object. Last year, we implanted the first bioengineered blood vessel, and it won’t be long before we’ll be able to print a liver for anyone who needs one. Because Read more

Hierarchy need to catch up with laity on LGBT issues

Friday, February 28th, 2014

As I was glancing at my Washington Post on Friday morning, I was dumbfounded by this headline: “Gay patient says Catholic chaplain refused him last rites.” The story focuses on Ronald Plishka, who was admitted to MedStar Washington Hospital Center after a heart attack and asked for a priest when — after 24 hours — Read more

Child euthanasia in Belgium should horrify us all

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Belgium has taken the shocking but unsurprising step of legalising euthanasia for children. The law stipulates that the child must be terminally ill, incurably suffering and possess complete understanding of what euthanasia means. Campaigners for “assisted dying” often point out that the majority of people would back an assisted suicide law in the UK. Possibly. Read more