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Pastor hopes people continue to support de Malmanche Comments 0


Nick Watt, the pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Whanganui was a character witness at the Denpasar, Indonesia, court in early June during Anthony de Malmanche’s trial. de Malmanche was found guilty on Tuesday and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Watt says he has known de Malmanche for four years and been his minister Read more

Education from a Māori point of view Comments 0

Metge, Dame Joan, 2011, by Sofia Minson, oil on linen

A book by the educator and anthropologist Dame Joan Metge was launched at the University of Auckland last week. Tauira – a word that in te reo (the Maori language) illuminatingly means both student and teacher introduces readers to Māori methods of teaching and learning. Tauira is based on extensive interviews with 25 Maori people in Read more


Pacific parliamentarians discuss men’s reproductive health Comments 0


Parliamentarians from five Pacific nations met in Wellington on 29 June to consider how better to involve boys and men in sexual and reproductive health in the Pacific. Presenters at the hearing included the United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA), International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), the Tonga Family Health Association, the Kiribati Health Association, and a male Read more

King and Privy council say “no” to CEDAW Comments 0


The Tonga Privy Council says the Government’s plan to ratify the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) is unconstitutional. King Tupou VI, with his Privy Council, was responding to petitions from groups in Tonga who have sought his help to stop the ratification process. The Government has committed to ratify CEDAW but Read more


Laudato Si’ reveals Pope as a wily operator Comments 0


In the days just before its publication, those involved in drafting the pope’s controversial eco-encyclical Laudato Si’ were much exercised about how it would be received by conservative critics. But Pope Francis, Vatican insiders tell me, was unfazed. He remains Read more

The IMF has failed the Greeks Comments 0


There is something eerily symmetrical about the decision by the Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, to call a referendum about what he has described as the ‘extortionate ultimatum’ of ‘strict and humiliating austerity without end’ coming from the International Monetary Read more

Ursula Rakova’s island home disappearing Comments 0


Ursula Rakova, who was born in the Carteret Islands, is visiting New Zealand. The Carteret atoll is only 1.2 meters above sea level. Originally there were six islands, but Huene was split in half by the sea and so now there are seven. In 1995 a wave ate away most of the shorelines of Piul and Read more

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  • Dr. Tom Catena — ‘He’s Jesus Christ’


    If you subscribe to the caricature of devout religious believers as mostly sanctimonious hypocrites, the kind who rake in cash and care about human life only when it is unborn, come visit the doctor here. Dr. Tom Catena, 51, a Catholic missionary from Amsterdam, New York, is the only doctor at the 435-bed Mother of Read more

  • The future of the planet

    morning activity at the river.

    Awful fact: by 2030, half a billion people will be practicing open defecation. That’s an improvement. The current numbers are staggering: 2.5 billion people lack adequate sanitary facilities; 849 million practice open defecation. In Southeast Asia, that means 38 percent of the population; in sub-Saharan Africa, 25 percent meet their needs without safety and privacy. Read more