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Carrying the cross the length of New Zealand Comments 0


Kim Rusden and his wife Joan are walking the length of the country carrying a cross because they believe that is what God wants them to do. “We’re walking the length of New Zealand with the cross and sharing the gospel along the way to those who would like to hear,” Kim said. Kim does Read more

Youth Conference had a problem – too many people came Comments 0

youth conference

Organisers of an annual youth conference in Brisbane faced an unusual challenge… too many people wanted to come. The four-day event is getting so big might “soon outgrow” present its venue. The conference took place 22 to 25 September. It drew more than 1600 registered participants, a marked increase on last year’s event. The travelled Read more


Churches as well as rugby players in Samoa say eliminate violence Comments 0


Four churches based in Apia joined UN Women dedicating their sermons to the cause last Sunday to mark Orange Day. This follows on efforts for the same cause by Samoa rugby. Last Sunday, the four churches joined activists, governments officials and private sector representatives to highlight issues relevant to end violence against women and girls Read more

Pastor says smacking children not part of pre-christian Samoa Comments 1


Reverend Nove Vailaau says during his research into pre-Christian Samoa he has discovered that smacking was not a feature of traditional Samoan language and culture. Accepting children into family life was a more inclusive process. Traditional Samoan values promoted the protection of children, not the infliction of suffering upon them. He says when the missionaries arrived Read more


If we want better bishops we must first look at our seminaries Comments 0


That the Catholic Church needs a better way to select Bishops is a sentiment that every Catholic, I think, could agree with. It is the headline of an article by Robert Mickens in the National Catholic Reporter, which is worth Read more

The virtue of humility in politics Comments 0


In a recent speech full of allusions to Bible verses and Christian hymns at the National Baptist Convention in Kansas City, Hillary Clinton focused on Christian humility. She acknowledged that “Humility is not something you hear much about in politics.” But, Read more

Nuclear weapons – US bishops and the UN agree Comments 0


Catholic Bishops in the US support the Comprehensive  [Nuclear Weapons] Test Ban Treaty. Their stance echoes Vatican statements about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities and Pope Francis’s concerns. The U.S. bishops’ conference “welcomes the action of the U.N. Security Council …,” Bishop Oscar Cantú of Las Cruces, N.M. said. He says the Conference encourages “this important Read more

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  • What is a ‘satanic’ crime?


    In his homily at the requiem mass for Fr Jacques Hamel, Pope Francis characterized the murderers’ act as “Satanic.” Yet Protestants and Catholics have significantly different conceptions of the figure of the Devil. La Croix journalists, Marie Malzac and Gauthier Vaillant, discuss these notions with Fr Jean-Pascal Duloisy, exorcist for the dioceses of the Île-de-France Read more

  • ‘Unwrapping’ an ancient, disintegrating Torah scroll


    More than 40 years ago, archaeologists discovered what appeared to be a hunk of scroll at the site of En-Gedi, an ancient Jewish community in modern-day Israel. The fragment was charred and crushed, and every touch seemed to hasten its disintegration. The Israel Antiquities Authority, which houses many artifacts from the region, locked the scroll Read more

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  • Church of England spread anti-Semitism Comments 0


    Anti-semitism and the Church of England’s role is embarrassing, says the Archbishop of Canterbury. Jewish leaders praised the Archbishop, Justin Welby. He admitted the Church “compounded the spread” of anti-Semitism. Welby’s comments appear in a booklet called ‘Lessons Learned’. This is a collection of essays produced by the Holocaust Educational Trust and Community Security Trust. Read more

  • Adoption arranged for Zika babies Comments 0


    Adoption not abortion is available for Zika virus-affected babies in Jamaica. Kingston’s Archbishop Kenneth Richards says Jamaica must preserve its humanity by respecting life. It must not give way to abortion. Dr. Dayton Campbell, a member of Parliament, has been pushing to make abortion available for babies with microcephaly. Abortion is illegal in Jamaica except Read more

  • Murdered priests and the smear campaign Comments 0


    Smear campaigns have appeared about three priests murdered in Mexico over the past 10 days. The Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico City said the campaign suggests the priests’ behaviour was questionable. Two of the slain priests died in Veracruz state last week. Veracruz state prosecutors alleged they were drinking with their killers before they disappeared Another Read more

  • Attendance at Anglican Cathedral services rises by 18% Comments 0


    Latest figures show an 18% increase in the numbers attending services in England’s Anglican Cathedrals between 2005 and 2015. On average 36,700 people,adults and children, attended cathedral services each week in 2015. Almost all of the increase in attendance over the past decade has been in increasing midweek attendance. But in 2015 attendance at Sunday Read more

  • Families targeted by specific demon says exorcist Comments 0


    Families are targeted by a demon specialising in attacking the love that grows within marriage and family life. Exorcist Fr. César Truqui, warned everything harming the family, including divorce, pleases the devil. “A demon who specializes in the attack on the family, [is] also cited in the story of Tobias, called ‘Asmodeus,’” he said. In Read more