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Not criminal for a teacher to have consenting sex with 17 year old pupil Comments 3


A female teacher who allegedly had sex with two of her students cannot be prosecuted because the boys were over age and consenting – and it would be no different for a male teacher, a prominent lawyer says. The teacher resigned on Friday after allegations that she had sex with two students at St John’s Read more

Community groups fear losing grants if they speak out Comments 0


A claim has been made that community groups are being muzzled by fears that speaking out against Government policies will result in funding cuts. An  organisation, which wished to remain anonymous, has  told Radio New Zealand about subtle threats from a cabinet minister it refused to name. It said the fear of being punished financially Read more


Sorcery – pastors and chiefs arrested after hangings in Vanuatu Comments 0


Police have arrested suspects on the island of Akaham in South Malekula in Vanuatu following the killing of two people over allegations of sorcery and witchcraft. Those arrested include church pastors and customary chiefs. According to the Daily Post, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, John Taleo, has described the killings as brutal and unlawful murders. Read more

Jakarta gets a Christian governor Comments 0


A Christian has been inaugurated as governor of Jakarta. This is the first time such a thing has happened for  50 years. There have been weeks of protests against it from Islamic hardliners. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama is also the first person from the country’s tiny ethnic Chinese minority to become leader of Jakarta. He was sworn in Read more


The radiance of love redeeming the world’s darkness Comments 0


Rabbi Jonathan Sacks gave a inspirational address on Monday at the Humanum conference at the Vatican on the complementarity of man and woman. It ranges over the whole history of marriage and concludes with a brilliant image: marriage turns “the Read more

Putin’s record in perspective Comments 0


Amid talk of whether Vladimir Putin would leave the G20 early and numerous reports of frosty encounters between him and other summit leaders, Western media coverage has generally operated from the sometimes forcefully expressed underlying assumption that the West is Read more

NZ cannot stand aloof from suffering in Middle East – Archbishop Dew Comments 1


New Zealand cannot stand aloof from involvement in the Middle East when so many people are suffering and dying says Archbishop John Dew, President of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference. He has written to Prime Minister John Key, offering the support of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops for the cautious and measured approach to making Read more

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  • The Palestinian silent majority does not want war


    Fr. Émile Shoufani, an Arab Israeli and tireless promoter of dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims, received the 2014 Judeo-Christian Friendship of France (AJCF) award on November 17. Born in 1947 in Nazareth, Shoufani was driven out of his family village the following year by the Israelis who killed his grandfather and uncle. He was Read more

  • The self is moral


    One morning after her accident, a woman I’ll call Kate awoke in a daze. She looked at the man next to her in bed. He resembled her husband, with the same coppery beard and freckles dusted across his shoulders. But this man was definitely not her husband. Panicked, she packed a small bag and headed to Read more

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