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Nave of Christchurch Catholic Cathedral may be retained Comments 1


The Catholic Bishop of Christchurch, Barry Jones, has announced a $45 million plan to partially restore the Christchurch Catholic cathedral. The rebuilt Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament would include a part of the original building, but would not entirely replicate it. Some areas, including the sanctuary, cannot be saved. And because of budget constraints and Read more

Family asks for abortion law change for underaged girls Comments 1


National MP Chester Borrows has presented a petition to Parliament, which will now go through select committee, asking for an amendment to the Care of Children Act. The Labour Party and Family Planning say they will fight the proposed amendment. The petition was prompted by the experience of the Kieft family in Stratford in 2009. Read more


Nauru detention centre like hell Comments 0


“If such a thing as hell exists, it would be very similar to Nauru,” a 23-year-old Tamil asylum-seeker told ABC Television last week, after slashing her body in a failed suicide attempt. Written submissions to the Australian Senate Committee inquiry told of rape and sexual assault, of children self-harming, of guards trading hot water and drugs for Read more

Typhoon Dolphin spares church property in Guam Comments 0


With a few exceptions, Archdiocese of Agana schools and parishes appeared to have escaped major damage from the recent typhoon that struck Guam. Typhoon Dolphin struck the island May 15 with recorded winds of up to 105 miles per hour. The only damage so far reported is Saint Francis Catholic School. The elementary through middle Read more


Seeking the transcendent Comments 1


Here’s my theory: The shrinking number of American Catholics isn’t just about the hierarchy’s anachronistic politics. It’s also about Catholics seeking, and not finding, an experience of the holy and transcendent — of God — in their Church. Without that, Read more

Pope Francis, Sarah Palin and Kevin Rudd — alike? Comments 1


I’m starting to have a crisis of faith. Not in God, but rather, in Pope Francis. It seems a betrayal to even write these words. I’m a progressive Catholic who longs for a church that is more welcoming of women, Read more

Editorial Comment: “See how they love one another” Comments 3


The editors at CathNews New Zealand and Pacific have been saddened by some aggressive and even offensive comments that have been submitted to our website. Not all of them have been approved for publication. Feed-back we have received would lead us to believe we are not alone in our discomfort. In the year 197 Tertullian Read more

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  • How same-sex marriage won the vote in Ireland


    Ireland, once dubbed “the most Catholic country in the world” by the future Pope Paul VI, has become the first country in the world to adopt same-sex marriage by means of a popular vote. For months, opinion polls had been consistent is showing huge levels of support for the constitutional amendment to re-define marriage. On Read more

  • Seven trends in service worship times


    If your church has one service at 11:00 am on Sunday mornings, it is likely in the minority. In a recent reader survey we conducted with 1,649 responses, slightly over half of the congregations had only one worship service on Sunday morning, and the times of that single service varied. The “sacred hour” of 11:00 Read more