Details of estimates for Christchurch Cathedral to be released

Today, Friday 26 April, the Anglican diocese will release detailed information on how it arrived at cost estimates for three design options for the Christchurch Cathedral.

On Wednesday evening, Gavin Holley, of the Church Property Trustees, told a Press-hosted public forum on the proposals that he hoped to have the information up on its website by late Friday afternoon.

This was in response to restoration campaigners challenging church officials on their figures at the first forum, on April 10, with some claiming the restoration cost had been overblown to make it appear less viable.

Restoration is estimated to cost between $104 million and $221m. It would take the longest and would involve the demolished spire being rebuilt.

Holley said the diocese was under-insured and most of the fundraising – for any option – would involve seeking funds from abroad.


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