Samoa’s Congregational Church launches radio and TV outlets

On Thursday the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa (EFKS) launched radio and TV outlets in Apia.

EFKS media opened with 80 percent coverage of the country.

“We hope to have complete coverage in three months,” says Chairman of the General Assembly, Rev. Elder Tautiaga Senara.

Both the radio and TV outlets will be under the operational leadership of Tuiasau Uelese Petaia, a former CEO of TV One, who also ran his own television station and has wide experience in the print media.

When Tuiasau was named manager of the stations, the appropriateness of the appointment was questioned because Tuiasau has been convicted of 67 counts of theft and given an 18 month jail sentence which he completed last year.

Asked about the concerns raised by the appointment, General Secretary of CCCS, Rev. Dr. Iutisone Salevao responded with a question of his own.

“Who was crucified together with Jesus, was it an angel?” he asked.

“However, he has the experience needed to realise the church’s dream of operating a radio and television service for her members and the community,” he said.

Initially the focus will be on youth; all programmes are to be broadcast in English and Samoan.

Salevao has previously revealed the need to address the problems faced by youth and hopes the programmes will help them choose a better road in life.

Both media are co-funded by the Council for World Mission in Singapore and London, but the church hopes for financial self-sufficiency in the future.


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