Media ‘making too much’ of pope comments

Pope Francis’ recent interview with an Italian Jesuit magazine has been blown out of proportion by the media, according to Manila Archbishop Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle.

“I don’t know why people, especially the media, are making an interview that looks very normal, and does not say anything new doctrinally… sound controversial,” Tagle told in an interview at the weekend.

While the pope’s interview talked about issues such as humility, the need for community, and discernment and reform in the Church, most media reports and commentaries focused on abortion, gay marriage, divorce, contraception and women in Church leadership.

Tagle said the pope was not saying anything “revolutionary” but the media made the interview sound “sensational”.

“My suggestion is this: I hope people will read the interview with the pope carefully [so that] they will realize that there’s nothing controversial there,” the Manila prelate said.

“I got hold of the Italian original. I don’t know what they did with the translation, but in the original Italian, it was a normal interview,” he said.

“Let them read and understand what the pope is really saying before any sensational comment is made,” Tagle added.


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