Santa walks into a bar: “Sorry, we’re claused”

If sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, then punning must have a reputation almost as undesirable.

A joke that can be greeted only with a groan or, better still, complete silence, can hardly be a real joke now, can it?

Santa walks into a bar and the barman says: Sorry, we’re claused.

But punning has a rich history.

It dates back to prehistoric times, graces the pages of the greatest of writers (think Chaucer, Shakespeare, Joyce), delights the hearts of newspaper headline writers throughout the world and is more or less essential to cryptic crossword setters.

‘Are you pudding in an appearance at the Christmas break-up?’
‘Will my presents be welcome?’
‘Yes, and Yule enjoy it.’
‘I Noel I will, holly.’
‘Anyway, Merry Chrysanthemum.’
‘And a Happy Nude Ear to you.’

And on and on it can go, a game of sheer, infuriating wits played by two or more geniuses. Repartee at its very best … or worst, depending on your point of view. Continue reading.

Source: Eureka Street

Image: Raymond Briggs

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