Liberation theology, the CDF and Gutierrez

For decades, many liberation theologians globally have lived with a looming possibility: One day, a letter could arrive from the Vatican contesting their work, even calling it heretical or anti-Christian.

Mounting a defense could take years, with long, confidential letters sent back and forth to the Vatican’s powerful Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

For lay people, non-compliance could mean losing university tenure.

For priests, brothers, and sisters, it could mean an order of silence or even removal from your religious order.

But in a unique turn of events, the theologian credited with founding the sometimes-controversial liberation theology movement was invited to speak at the Vatican Tuesday by none other than the current leader of its doctrinal office, Cardinal Gerhard Müller.

Dominican Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez was a surprise guest and speaker during a book launch for a new book by the cardinal, titled Poor for the Poor: The Mission of the Church.

The book, which has a preface from Pope Francis, also has two chapters written by the theologian and is largely focused on explaining — sometimes even defending — liberation theology. Continue reading.

Source: National Catholic Reporter

Image: NS/Reuters/Max Rossi

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