Young millennials want authentic, quality worship most

Millennials, young people born between 1980 and 2000, want neither conservative nor contemporary worship styles, according to US researchers.

The style of worship is not their primary focus, wrote Dr Thom Rainer in the Christian Post.

Their focus is on theologically rich music, authenticity and quality in worship, which reflects adequate preparation in time and prayer.

What they want is from music in worship is that it has “rich content”, Dr Rainer writes.

“They desire to sing those songs that reflect deep biblical and theological truths,” he continued.

They also desire authenticity in a worship services.

“They can sense when congregants and worship leaders are going through the motions.”

And they will reject such perfunctory attitudes altogether,” he noted.

They also want a quality service, which reflects this authenticity.

This will reflect the preparation of the worship leaders spiritually and in time of preparation.

Dr Rainer’s conclusions were based on research with 1200 young people in the millennial bracket.

He is president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention in the United States.

He wrote that “millennial Christians, and a good number of seekers among their generation, are gravitating to churches where the teaching and preaching is given a high priority”.

“They are attracted to churches whose focus is not only on the members, but on the community and the world.

“Inwardly focused congregations will not see many millennials in their churches.”

Millennials will “walk away from congregations that are still fighting about style of music, hymnals or screen projections, or choirs or praise teams”, Dr Rainer wrote.

“Those are not essential issues to millennials, and they don’t desire to waste their time hearing Christians fight about such matters.”

Dr Rainer has co-authored a book about the millennial generation with his son, Jess.

There are about 79 million “millennials” in the United States, making this America’s “largest generation”.



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