Worshiparama: 76 house of worship in one month

Last June, Shashank Sharma embarked on a mission to visit the highest number of places of worship in a month. He successfully visited 76 sacred spaces, including Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain temples, Sikh gurdwaras, mosques, churches, and a Baha’i place of worship. In May of this year, Guinness World Records confirmed and certified his impressive achievement.

Sharma perceives his personal mission as a small but significant effort to promote the idea of communal peace. He wishes to convey to the general public through his works that it is perfectly acceptable to visit a place of worship that does not belong to one’s religion, and this should not be viewed as an act against Hinduism.

Despite identifying as Hindu, Sharma does not consider himself to be particularly religious. He acknowledges that Hindus generally do not visit non-Hindu places of worship, but Sharma believes that this mindset needs to be changed.  Read more

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