Politicians of all colours chasing Samoan Catholic vote

In the lead -up to the election politicians of all parties are chasing the Samoan vote in Auckland.

Politicians from both sides attended the recent monthly Samoan Mass held in south Auckland.

Judith Collins who was present at the Mass said, “South Auckland can always make or break elections”.

Labour Mangere MP Su’a William Sio was also there.

He says that while he has been coming to the Mass for 14 years, it was the first time he has seen National MPs in attendance.

David Cunliffe will be going to the next month’s Mass.

Most people 3 News spoke at the recent Mass plan to vote red, but he reporter said the safe Labour seats may not be the fortresses they once were.

“There is a slight shift towards National and New Zealand First as well,” says churchgoer Evelyn Stowers.

She still supports Labour, but says there’s a “but”: “They’re not delivering the goods, simple as that, and leadership.”

Others present also noted the Labour leadership as a cause for concern, and even his MPs think he needs to do more.

“David [Cunliffe] is aware of that, and as part of our strategy we’re getting him out and about in the regions,” says Sio.



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