Minority faiths face discrimination in workplace

Some employees who belong to minority faiths face discrimination because of their beliefs.

Employers find it okay to employ Buddhists and Hindus but are wary of hiring Muslims, an AUT study has found.

Indian Christians in the research faced the least barriers, and acknowledged the benefits derived from having westernised names, a Western dress sense and fluency in English.

More than 200 people were interviewed for the research. Some Muslim employees said they faced racial comments or queries linking them to terror attacks and many said they experienced discrimination because of their faith.

“Women with veils and/or burqas are viewed with general curiosity and avoidance … it is also difficult for men with beards,” said the report.

The research for a book entitled Work and Worship by AUT Professor of Diversity Edwina Pio investigated the impact of minority religions in the New Zealand workplace.


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