Meatless Fridays cookbook produced for Catholics in England

An English Catholic charity has produced a cookbook with recipes to help uninspired Catholics in the kitchen observe meatless Fridays.

Cafod, which is the Official Catholic aid agency for England and Wales, is preparing to launch the cookbook titled “Friday Suppers”.

Proceeds from the book will help Cafod to support people living in poverty.

The cookbook, which contains 40 meat-free recipes, was written by Pauline Curran, who is a former recipe tester for UK TV host and cooking writer Delia Smith.

The latter has given the cookbook a hearty endorsement.

“When Pauline opened the boot of her car and nonchalantly unloaded masses of the most delicious food for one of our parish parties, I recognised instantly that she had a very special talent,” said the celebrity recipe writer.

“She has a deep faith and like many of us is concerned that so many people in the world do not have enough to eat.”

The recipes in Friday Suppers include “Thai salmon with noodles” and “Spanish tuna salad with peppers, olives and artichokes”.

A children’s section includes recipes for “sweetcorn fritters” and “eggs en cocotte”.

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