Prime Minister too busy to meet NZ Muslim leaders

The president of the Federation of Islamic Associations (FIANZ), Anwar Ghani, is calling on the Prime Minister for a meeting after contacting his office 10 days ago.

On Sunday Ghani told ONE News his organisation contacted the Prime Ministers office in hopes of a private meeting to raise concerns and to tell John Key to not get New Zealand actively involved.

He says his organisation has been ringing the PM’s office every day but are being told the PM is too busy.

“We made the approach 10 days ago when John Key raised potential for a beheading here in New Zealand, that was scaremongering.”

He said to make a statement like that and then to justify terror rules and laws to be passed is of huge concern.

New Zealand Muslim Association president Firoz Patel many in the community were nervous about the Government’s proposal to strengthen anti-terror law including having powers to cancel passports of New Zealanders planning to, or already fighting in overseas conflicts.

Muslim leaders met with the Police on Saturday to discuss the terror law overhaul and safety concerns following Sunday’s fire at a West Auckland mosque.


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