Mercy for all: Mobile Holy Door in the Diocese of Gizo

When he announced the Jubilee of Mercy Pope Francis said that a Door of Mercy should be opened in every diocese.

In the Diocese of Gizo in the Solomon Islands the isolation and remoteness of parishes from the diocesan centre makes it virtually impossible for the people living in the villages to come to the Holy Door at the cathedral.

So the pastoral team of the diocese, led by Bishop Luciano Capelli, thought of a mobile Holy Door.

In two months, the Holy Door has gone to the most remote islands and villages of the diocese. Its pilgrimage ended on May 9th.

In each of the 14 stations visited there was a level of participation in the liturgy never seen before.

The programme was carried out in almost the same way in every village.

The Warriors of the village officially welcomed the Holy Door.

This was followed by a liturgy over a period of three days to present the meaning of the Jubilee.

It included a prayer vigil in preparation for the sacrament of reconciliation, and then a dialogue of reconciliation between people and groups in conflict.

“The priests were surprised by the participation and goodwill experienced in a real climate of mercy,” said Capelli.

“It is beautiful when people are able to forgive and start afresh… mistakes and conflicts can become moments of encounter and growth if approached with an open heart, with faith and generosity.”


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