Aussie senator calls for royal commission into Islam

An outspoken politician has called for a royal commission into Islam in Australia, noting how such a body is helping uncover child abuse in the Church.

Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie’s office released a graphic comparing a “big problem”’ with Islamic radicalisation to child molestation in the Australian Catholic Church.

The graphic asks if a royal commission is uncovering paedophilia in the Church, why couldn’t one be held to “discover the truth” about “hate preachers, radicalisation and terrorism”.

“The Australian Catholic Church for years has had a big problem with child molesters . . . and now we have a royal commission to discover the truth”, the text above a graphic of the cross reads.

“Australian Islam for years has had a big problem with hate preachers, radicalisation and terrorism . . . Why can’t we discover the truth with a royal commission?” the other half of the graphic reads.

The writing is placed above a crescent moon and star – a symbol associated with the Muslim faith.

It comes after One Nation leader Pauline Hanson called for a similar commission into whether Islam is a religion or an ideology.

Her policies include a ban on building new mosques until the commission is held, and installing CCTV cameras in all existing mosques.

Meanwhile, one of Pope Francis’s closest advisors has urged Catholics to strengthen dialogue with Muslims.

Speaking in Ireland, US Cardinal Sean O’Malley warned against scape-goating Muslims following the atrocity in Nice and other terrorist attacks on the west.

The cardinal recalled that the Irish were once blamed for America’s ills.

“I think immigration is such an important issue, requires a lot of reflection,” he said.

“It requires people with wisdom to come together and talk about what is best for the common good.”

Cardinal O’Malley admitted he is worried by Donald Trump’s rhetoric on the issue.

Mr Trump has suggested Muslims should be barred from entering the US.


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