Benedict proud of destroying Vatican “Gay Lobby”

Gay lobbyists at the Vatican got a short shrift from Pope Benedict XVI  – an action he says he is particularly proud of

The Emeritus Pope went into detail about what he considers to be the most important achievement of his papacy in his upcoming book, Final Conversations, which is an extended interview with German journalist Peter Seewald.

He refers to five gay senior Vatican officials as the “gay lobby” in the book, explaining that he thought they were only working together for their own agenda, rather than focusing on strengthening the church’s relationship with LGBT Catholics.

Pope Benedict XVI stripped the gay lobbyists of their titles for this reason, and thus, his greatest achievement was born.

With the church’s child abuse scandal taking place under his papacy, not to mention his exoneration of a Holocaust-denying bishop, he may not have had many other achievements to choose from.

Pope Benedict XVI did say, however, that despite initial reservations about Pope Francis’s liberal views, he’s been very happy with the new Pope’s work so far.


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