Theresa May says God is her guide

Theresa May’s faith in God and moral compass are helping her work out the best course for Britain.

The British Prime Minister, whose father was a Church of England vicar, stresses the importance of knowing you’re doing the right thing.

In her opinion, knowing this gives you energy and confidence to carry out the work that needs to be done.

Another virtue learned during her childhood was a sense of duty.

“Being brought up in a vicarage, of course the advantage is that you do see people from all walks of life. What came out of my upbringing was a sense of service … my father would be out and about visiting people,” she explains.

She allows her faith guide her work. Faith helps her make difficult decisions.

“I’m a practising member of the Church of England and so forth, that lies behind what I do,” she says.

May, who admits Brexit keeps her awake at night,  has a huge job ahead of her as Britain exits the EU and the post-Brexit version emerges.

She says she likes to look at decisions from a number of sides so she can check any unintended consequences.

” I want to make sure that everything we do ensures Britain is a country that works for everyone,” she says.



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