Western Christians need to show solidarity

Western Christians need to show solidarity with their brothers and sisters in the Middle East.

Bishop Angaelos who is the head of the Coptic church in the UK, says for example many Coptic Christians in the North Sinai have been forced out of their homes.

They were told by ISIS to “leave or die”.

Angaelos says despite the violence shown to Christians we need to act as Christ would.

This means we need to avoid aggressiveness and anti-Islamic rhetoric, which ends up adversely affecting people in the region.

During the past three months alone over 40 Coptic Christians in Egypt have been martyred.

Their killers: militants aligned with the Islamic State terror group that has been waging war against Egypt’s forces in the Sinai Peninsula for the past five years.

Angaelos says Christians in the region have reacted very peacefully and nonviolently, even to the extent of forgiving.

What Western Christian need to do first is to pray for them, he says.

“Secondly, [it’s important for Western Christians] to keep this message of support and solidarity alive.

“The fact that incidents come off our news feed doesn’t mean they cease to exist.

“… Christians [need] to feel that they are most certainly members of the wider body of Christ and that they are not isolated in a certain region of the world, Angaelos says.



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