What Pope Francis has changed

The date 13 March 2013, marks the day on which Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was the first South American in history to become Pope.

Four years later, “La Croix” asks four individuals to give their perspectives on what changes the Pope has brought about in their particular domains.

“A real encouragement of our activities”

Sylvie Bukhari-de Pontual, president of the French NGO, CCFD (The Catholic Community against Hunger and for Development) – Terre Solidaire

At the beginning of November, we had some wonderfully worthwhile discussions with Pope Francis during the Third World Meeting of Popular Movements in Rome.

What I found particularly striking was how at ease and happy he is with poor people. He evidently feels at home among them. He is convinced that the poor must be agents of their own destiny.

We have worked for years to bring about profound changes in society. The Pope’s actions – his writings, for example – are truly encouraging for us.

We feel that we are being heard within the Church, especially since his encyclical Laudato si’.

This is the first time that we have felt so supported and encouraged since the encyclical Populorum Progressio, which was the source of CCFD’s creation in 1961.

Laudato si’ brings new elements to the social doctrine of the Church, re-conceptualizing the link between nature and the creation.

For the Pope, what matters is not only the concern for future generations but also the dignity of each person.

The Holy Father frequently and severely criticizes the free market economic system. He warns against corruption. He speaks strongly against Europe’s increasing resistance to the acceptance of migrants.

In his Ash Wednesday homily, the Pope asks us to be joyful. We hold this dear to our hearts. Continue reading



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