Terrorists are loved, created in God’s image

Terrorists may be surprised at the loving, Christian message the General Bishop of the UK’s Coptic Orthodox Church has posted for them.

Bishop Angaelos says he grieves for those who have died and for those who mourn them.

He also grieves for the young men who see it as “not only justifiable, but glorious, to take the lives of others”.

God loves them – but he placed them on earth for  greater things than terrorism, he says.

Recent terrorist attacks have killed dozens of people in England, Egypt and the Philippines.

In a statement that directly addresses terrorists, Angaelos says:

“You are loved. The violent and deadly crimes you perpetrate are abhorrent and detestable, but YOU are loved.

You are loved by God, your Creator, for He created you in His Image and according to His Likeness, and placed you on this earth for much greater things, according to His plan for all humankind.

You are loved by me and millions like me, not because of what you do, but what you are capable of as that wonderful creation of God, Who has created us with a shared humanity.

You are loved by me and millions like me because I, and we, believe in transformation.”

Angaelos went on to explain how “transformation” can change anyone’s life, pointing out that even the lives of some of those who persecuted Jesus were changed by his death and resurrection.



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