Nigerian priest resigns to get closer to God

A Nigerian priest and inspirational radio broadcaster shocked listeners when he announced that he was quitting the Catholic Church.

Patrick Edet has hosted a popular live programme called Grace and Inspiration in his home state of Akwa Ibom for several years.

Last Wednesday instead of broadcasting his usual inspirational message he said “On 31 of July, I resigned from my services, my duties and obligations as a Catholic priest.

“I ceased to be a Catholic priest in my thinking, in my spirit, in my soul, [and] in my body.

“Yesterday, the 1st of August, was my first day outside the laws, the regulations, [and] the authority of the Catholic church.

“In my mind, every law that bound me bound me because I submitted myself to the Catholic Church as an institution.

“Having submitted my resignation letter to my authorities in the Catholic Church, in my spirit, soul and body, I am free from every law that guided me. I submit myself to one authority – God.”

Edet says after 11 years he felt had to leave because he was feeling boxed in and it was affecting his personal relationship with God.

It wasn’t an impulsive decision – Edet says he prayed and fasted for seven months before decided to leave the Church.

He has come into conflict with the Church over the fellowship meetings he has been running in his diocese of Uyo , which are outside the Church’s control.

Those who have attended the popular fellowship meetings say things are done the Pentecostal style – like prophesying and “speaking in tongues” – which often brought Edet into conflict with the Catholic doctrine and leadership.



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