Euthanasia – Bishop Drennan calls on young people to get involved in the discussion


The Bishop of Palmerston North is encouraging senior students in Catholic schools to get involved in the debate on euthanasia and to make submissions on the End of Life Choice Bill.

Bishop Charles Drennan has sent out a letter to year 13 students in Catholic Colleges, suggesting they get involved in the discussion that is currently occurring in NZ.

Teachers will be giving out some information fact sheets with the letter to help students if they choose to make a submission on Bill.

“I encourage you to do so and hope that you will be given class time for this action,” Drennan said.

“Apathy places power in the hands of others. Pope Francis, recently speaking to young people, simply said: “Don’t let others decide our future.

“Together we can seek to make a lasting difference for Aotearoa New Zealand. Do something which is right, good, and truly progressive.

“Write against this Bill and in favour of whānau, the dignity of every person, and the duty of society to look after – not delete its most vulnerable.”

The letter begins by talking about the tragedy of youth suicide and asks what might be done to prevent it.

It then goes on ask the students to think about the elderly, mentally ill, debilitated and vulnerable.

“These are the people that the Bill before parliament will most affect.”

“I believe strongly, and the Church teaches, that euthanasia should never be the answer to vulnerability, sickness or even pain.”

“We can do better. In fact, euthanasia is not a medical treatment; it is a political possibility which the large majority of caregivers, nurses and doctors say has nothing to do with their work or profession.”

Drennan also shares his recent experience of the death of his 98-year-old father.

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