Civil and Church leaders join in honouring Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana


Members of the Rātana Movement celebrated a day of Thanksgiving on Thursday 8th November.

Deacon Danny Karatea-Goddard from Wellington attended on behalf of Cardinal John Dew and the Catholic Church.

The photograph shows Karatea-Goddard with Anglican Archdeacon Don Rangi.

The late Pihopa Tākuira Mariu always made a point of going to join the Ratana ceremonies.

The 8th of November commemorated the day 100 years ago in 1918 that Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana received an anointing from the Spirit.

The celebrations continued for most of the week. On Wednesday, the prime minister came as did the leader of the opposition and other ministers.

That was the official day to welcome all other Churches.

On Thursday the 8th, there was a special prayer service to offer thanks.

Apotoro Te Ringakaha-Tia-Ward from Te Tai Tokerau gave thanks for the blessings on Rātana and his descendants.

He renewed the commitment of the Rātana movement and government to the Treaty of Waitangi.

When he travelled, Ratana carried the Bible in one hand and the Treaty of Waitangi in the other.

About 2000 people, including the Māori Kingitanga and various other dignitaries, attended including Che Wilson, Chair of the Māori Party.

Ratana women, called Awhina, led the singing. They were dressed in purple robes, marking the time they were nurses for the sick.

Combined bands led the people from the marae to the Temple where the service concluded.

Members of the Rātana faith believe Wiremu Ratana was set aside as a prophet for Māori.

He was to be the ‘Mangai’ or ‘Mouth-piece’ of God.

His task was to proclaim the news of God to Māori and then all people.

Ratana travelled around Aotearoa and then made trips overseas to speak on behalf of God, “Matua, Tama, Wairua Tapu me Ngā Anahera Pono,” Father, Son, Holy Spirit and the Faithful Angels.

Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana is buried in front of the Temple. He died on 18th September 1939.

Buried next to him is his wife, Te Urumanao Ratana, who died in 1940.



Supplied. Fr Philip Cody

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