Bishop Peter Cullinane’s anniversary celebration was a party too


Bishop Peter Cullinane recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of his episcopal ordination.

“How did I celebrate under lockdown?  – Jesus and I did it quietly together; we are hoping to celebrate with others later. He is in my bubble,” he told NZ Catholic.

The anniversary on April 23 occurred when New Zeland was under Level 4 COVID-19 lockdown.

Everyone in the country was confined to their bubble and gatherings of every kind were prohibited.

Cardinal John Dew has expressed, ‘Warmest Congratulations to Bishop Peter and sincere thanks for his service as a bishop to Palmerston North and to New Zealand.”

He asked that people “remember Bishop Peter in gratitude in your prayers.”

Cullinane was the first bishop of the Palmerston North diocese.

He retired in 2012 but is still busy at the local, national, and international levels.

Bishop Peter has served on several International Catholic Committees.

He has given many years of service on ICEL (the International Commission for English in the Liturgy) and has always shown a deep interest in liturgy and liturgical reform.

He has also contributed significantly to both the Ecumenical and Inter-Faith dialogue within New Zealand and abroad, bringing closer relationships between different denominations and faith traditions.

Cullinane’s many writings have offered a wide breadth of knowledge and learning from which many have benefited.

10 years ago he promoted a national campaign to get a new symbol to identify Catholic clergy.

He noted that clerical dress was being worn less by priests, but no new symbol had been inserted in its place.

It was a matter of being identifiable, without having to dress formally for casual occasions, he said.

“Identify so people know who I am, and identify with the people so I don’t seem to come from a different race.”


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