Action Zealandia, NZ’s largest neo-Nazi group, on the hunt for new recruits

A neo-Nazi group called Action Zealandia is attempting to recruit more members across Aotearoa.

Critic Te Arohi’s undercover investigation into Action Zealandia, the largest white supremacist group in Aotearoa, revealed information including the organisation’s recent activities, internal membership structure, links to other neo-Nazi groups, and strategic plans for the future. The group has been active for just over two years.

This week, in an attempt to claim August 9 as “White Lives Matter Day”, the group’s leaders demanded that all of its chapters do banner drops and poster runs in the days leading up to August 9.

Action Zealandia members attempted to plaster “White Lives Matter” and “Kyle Rittenhouse Was Right” posters in the Dunedin City Centre in June, but fled the area after they were approached by members of the public. (Kyle Rittenhouse was a 17-year-old American charged with shooting and killing two protesters at a Black Lives Matter protest in Wisconsin in 2020).

Action Zealandia does not currently have a Dunedin presence — but it has in the past, and it wants to become more active in the city. Read more

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