Solidarity with 10,001 Palestinian children killed in Gaza

Palestinian children

Recently in Christchurch, a 40m banner inscribed with 10,001 names of Palestinian children killed in Gaza formed a visual expression of Christian and community solidarity and a call for justice in peace.

From pre-schoolers to pensioners, about 75 people joined for portions of a 36km walk on Saturday 9 March.

The distance symbolically mirrors the walk from Gaza City to Rafah, the route Palestinians have been forced to walk as a result of Israel’s military assaults and forced evacuations.

“It was a real liberation to be out in public with a Christian movement and friends calling for peace, justice and liberation in Palestine” Christchurch organiser Cole Yeoman told CathNews.

The march included a poignant visit to the Al Noor Mosque.

“Being hosted by the mosque was a real privilege and we were all incredibly moved to stand in the prayer room” said Yeoman.

Describing the Al Noor Mosque visit as “very impactful” Yeoman said a key part of the journey was recognising the same hate and violence in Gaza has been dealt to Muslim people in Christchurch.

After leaving the Mosque the group walked to the Cathedral carrying the banner.

The Palestinian Christian-led global walk for peace is taking place in four New Zealand cities during Lent – Christchurch, Auckland, Whanganui and Wellington.

These New Zealand cities are among 59 others in eight countries hosting the Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage.

The walkers are calling for an enduring and sustained ceasefire, access to humanitarian assistance, release of all hostages on both sides and an end of occupation so a just peace can begin.

The walk aims to show solidarity with the people suffering in Gaza and raise funds for humanitarian relief and support for refugees.

Besides calling for a lasting ceasefire in Gaza, the walkers are asking the New Zealand government to allow family members of Gazans living in New Zealand to have humanitarian visas.

Why walk?

Anglican Bishop of Wellington Justin Duckworth says he’ll be walking in Whanganui and Wellington.

“I’m taking part in the walk to witness to the suffering of those involved in this conflict.

“As I walk, I will be praying for those killed on both sides.

“Jesus lived a life of non-violence and died a sacrificial death. As His follower, I’m supporting peaceful efforts that give aid and seek an end to the suffering of others.”

“It was encouraging to see so many people connecting the dots between Christianity and Palestine” shared a Christchurch marcher, underlining the broad support for peace and justice.

Join the walk

Common Grace Aotearoa and Aotearoa Christians for Peace in Palestine are organising the Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage in New Zealand.


  • Saturday 16th March
  • Starting in Grafton and going around the central isthmus


  • Saturday 16th March
  • From Castlecliff to Upokongaro and back


  • Thursday 28th March
  • From Taita to Island Bay


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