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Increased Church participation due to digital platforms say UK bishops

Thursday, May 6th, 2021
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Livestreaming of Masses and digital platforms brought enormous congregations to Catholic churches say the bishops of England and Wales. “We have discovered with online streaming, live streaming of Masses, that we get enormous congregations sometimes,” says Archbishop Malcolm McMahon of Liverpool, the vice-president of the national bishops’ conference. McMahon says that as a result of Read more

‘Review anxiety’ forces Irish priests to abandon online Masses

Thursday, November 12th, 2020
Priests Abandon online

Many Irish priests are abandoning online broadcasts of masses due to anxiety created by digital reviews. As in many countries, churches and other places of worship in the Irish Republic have significant restrictions. Priests are required to say mass in empty or near-empty churches. To reach parishioners, masses have been broadcast online since restrictions on Read more

Dear parishes and priests: I want to pray with you, not watch you pray

Monday, August 17th, 2020

When public Masses were no longer allowed, my family and I watched the livestream Mass for a few Sundays. We tried very hard to continue our weekly ritual of prayer and worship. Like many families, we created a small home altar. We lit a candle. We set out a statue of Mary. We stood. We Read more

Online Masses and spiritual communion aren’t the Church

Monday, April 20th, 2020

Pope Francis is calling online Masses and spiritual communion “dangerous”. His concern is that detached from the church, God’s people and the Sacraments, the COVID-19 lockdown may cause people to live the faith only for themselves. After dedicating Sunday’s Mass to expectant mothers, whose needs are in his prayers during the pandemic, Francis focused his Read more

Mass myopia and coronavirus

Monday, March 23rd, 2020
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“Instead of watching Mass on the computer, why don’t we read from the Bible together?” That’s how our eight-year old daughter reacted last Sunday when we gathered to watch the celebration of Mass at home, where we’ve been self-quarantined since last week. From the mouths of babes… Our daughter is used to seeing me as Read more