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Calls for Catholic schools to be abolished to tackle Glasgow sectarianism

Thursday, September 19th, 2019

A former top cop has claimed Catholic schools should be abolished to help tackle sectarianism on the streets of Glasgow. Tom Wood a former Deputy Chief Constable, has questioned whether religious segregation in schools remains acceptable, and urged authorities to address root causes of the divide. Last week the council decided to ban six Loyalist Read more

Australia’s PNG solution: The seeds of sectarian conflict?

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

Last Thursday, Human Rights Watch Australia published a report explaining that, despite two years of processing, very few detainees have left Australia’s Manus Island detention centre. The report is a fresh reminder that forced integration can throw up some wicked dilemmas, whether it is in Nauru or Australia’s other offshore resettlement facility on Manus Island, Read more

Anti-Catholicism in Scotland is rife, statistics show

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

The Catholic Church has called for a public acknowledgement of the extent of anti-Catholicism in Scotland following evidence that Catholics are victims of more religious hate crime than any other group. New statistics released by the Scottish government revealed an increase of 26 per cent in religious hate crimes in 2011-2012. Anti-Catholic attacks made up Read more