Mary no longer a virgin in New American Bible

The next edition of the New American Bible refers to a Mary as a “young woman” rather than a virgin. 

A new edition of the Old Testament one of the most popular editions of the Bible also substitutes

  • “spoils of war” for “booty”,
  • “burnt offerings” for “holocaust” and
  • “grain” instead of “cereal”.

Associate director for Bible utilisation at the United State Conference of Catholic Bishops, Mary Elizabeth Sperry says, “the new text helps clarify some outdated language”.

“Booty,” which has come to have a sexual connotation, was changed to “spoils of war.” “Cereal,” which many think of as breakfast food, became “grain” to reference loads of wheat and the new translation merely elaborates on the original Hebrew word, almah, which may, or may not, signify a virgin.

“It’s not a new Bible; it’s not a new story. It’s the same text you’ve known but hopefully youll be able to see it in great detail”.

The new translation is the work of nearly 50 scholars from all faiths and a committee of the American Catholic Bishops’ conference. The revisions are said to more accurately reflect the translations of ancient Hebrew and Greek, but also more contemporary.

The Bishops’ say they are not signaling any sort of change in doctrine,

“Some people will be gravely distressed and others will be absolutely ecstatic and some will just say, ‘I liked it the old way.’ Sperry said.

A best-seller, the New Amerian Bible sold more than 1 million copies last year.


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