‘Jesus Ken’ and ‘ Barbie Mary’ dolls sparks outrage

in 2014 artists who created The Plastic Religion Exhibition received death threats due to its portrayal of religious figures such as Catholic saints and the Virgin Mary in the form of dolls.

Now with the release of Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” movie Argentinian artists Emiliano Pool Paolini and Marianela Perelli are planning to bring back their controversial line of Barbie dolls with religious themes.

The announcement of the upcoming re-release of Barbie dolls with religious themes named “Barbie Virgin Mary” and “Jesus Ken,” has caused an uproar worldwide, particularly among Catholic organisations in Buenos Aires.

Despite facing threats, at least one toy store in Argentina has agreed to carry some versions of the new collection. The artists behind the dolls plan to exhibit them at an art show in December. Read more

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