Where do NZ politicians stand on polygamy?

Two government studies released by Canada’s Justice Department in 2006 recommended the decriminalisation of polygamy, with one arguing that the move was justified by the need to attract more skilled Muslim immigrants.

Family First NZ is calling for the National, Labour and Green parties to state where they stand on the issue of redefining marriage to allow polygamy and polyamory.

“If the definition of marriage was extended to allow same-sex marriage, and only same-sex marriage, it could then be argued that we are discriminating against those seeking polygamous, polyamorous, or adult incestuous unions – if all that matters is love and commitment,” says Family First’s Bob McCroskrie.

“If we are going to have a debate about same-sex marriage and liberalising adoption laws, it is essential that the politicians acknowledge just how far this is going to go, and what relationships will continue to be discriminated against,” he says.

Former Labour party Minister for Social Development and Employment Ruth Dyson, in a speech to Victoria University first year Social and Public Policy students in 2008 said “We must cater for the diversity we know exists. By this I mean the range of relationships from single, couples, triples, blended, de facto, and so on. That’s where we’re going with social policy.”


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